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The terms and conditions are given as a supplement those provided in the rental contract signed by the customer, to which we fully recall.

1) Prepaid rate rental

The customer can choose to use the services rendered by the company Edilfar Rent s.r.l. on the web site and decide to make a reservation of a car on line to take advantage of discounts reserved. In this case the customer is obligated to ensure that personal data supplied are accurate, correct and updated.

If the customer prefers to follow the online procedure, you may choose to only make a reservation online or even make the payment on the reservation. It's accepted the use of the following credit cards: Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept ATM, electronic credit cards, prepaid cards, Postepay, debit cards, revolving credit cards and more. At the end of the booking process the customer will receive, at the e-mail indicated, the voucher to be shown at the rental point Edilfar Rent chosen for the pick-up of the vehicle.

The information contained in the descriptive pages of the online services offered by Edilfar Rent s.r.l. are for information purposes only and does not constitute a contract or an offer to the public of the services described. The booking procedure and / or online prepayment is not a rental agreement of vehicles; car rental service will be provided under a separate rental agreement to be concluded at the offices of Edilfar Rent s.r.l. company, where the pick-up of the car will be done simultaneously , after submission of the required documentation. For the completion of the procedure and the signing of the contract you will be required all the requirements of the "general rental conditions", to be understood in its entirety herein. Therefore, the rental of the vehicle booked is always subject to the signing of a rental contract, subject to the general conditions.

Data on the driver and the mode of payment, confirmed at time of booking, can not be changed. Concluding the phase of online booking and its payment process the customer remains bound to the terms and conditions in the voucher received by mail.

The customer can freely decide to make a reservation and undertakes to pay the full amount indicated in the quote for car rental service at the time of collecting the vehicle, or when booking on the web site by way of the voucher amount. In the latter case, the amount will be deducted from your credit card at the time of booking and the voucher will not be issued until the availability of the car request is confirmed and until the full amount will not be paid.

The purchase price includes the rental voucher (including VAT) of the chosen vehicle for the booked dates, together with further additional services that the customer has chosen.

At pick-up time of the car the customer agrees to submit a personal financial credit card required for security deposit, which will have a variable amount depending on the rented vehicle and length of rental.

2) Cancellations


The reservation made online by the Customer can not be changed but only canceled. It's possible to delete the reservation up to 24 hours before the beginning of the rental date, obtaining the refund and paying in this case only the administrative expenses, as per tariff.

Cancellation requests submitted less than 24 hours before the start of the rental will not be refunded.

No refunds will be made if:

a) the Customer fails to appear at the time of collecting the car;

b) at the conclusion of the rental agreement lacks one of the requirements for the rental as indicated in art. 1 of the "General rental terms" (minimum age, ownership and possession of a credit card in the driver and having enough ceiling to cover your order and to honor the amount as a security deposit, proof of identity, valid driver's license);

c) the Customer uses the car for only part of the reserved period and makes the return before the deadline.

3) Prepaid Rates


The Edilfar Rent s.r.l. rates are quoted in Euros, with VAT to 22% and RCA insurance, which is the policy for civil liability to third parties for damages caused to persons, property and animals. There is no insurance coverage in case of damage and theft of the vehicle up to the excess (as indicated in the "general rental terms"), damage and / or theft of tires and windows, theft of personal belongings of the customer. The customer may decide to reduce or cancel by agreement its responsibility in case of damage (CDR), in case of theft (TP) or cancel both (Super Cover Protection). In this case the rental fee will be determined taking into account the terms of elimination / reduction of the liability reduction of theft / damage or theft and damage, with the addition of a daily charge as stated in the tariff.

4) Choice of vehicle

The online booking procedure does not guarantee a specific car model. The company Edilfar Rent s.r.l. will confirm the vehicle category selected based on availability.

5) Fuel

The vehicle is always delivered with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank, or with the same level of fuel at the time of the withdrawal. Otherwise you will be charged the SO-CALLED service "Refueling".


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