Since its first appearance in the motor vehicle distribution market in 1997 with an exclusive agreement signed with Daimler in Stuttgart for the commercialization of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Edilfar Rent has constantly innovated its offer and its market positioning. Since 2010 Edilfar Rent is partner to the mobility of Mercedes-Benz Italia S.p.A., particularly with the Dealer Corporate of the cities of Rome and Milan. The company's core business has focused in the short and medium term rental without driver. the know-how acquired over the years has allowed the maturation of an exclusive and reliable service. Our rental corner, located within the 7 branches of Mercedes-Benz Rome and the 3 branches of Mercedes-Benz Milan, managing a fleet made up exclusively of cars Mercedes-Benz and Smart. The development of synergies with Mercedes-Benz Italy S.p.A., makes us protagonists throughout the automotive industry of replacement services and short and medium term rental. In particular Edilfar Rent manages the service of providing courtesy cars to all customers Mercedes-Benz Roma S.p.A. and Mercedes-Benz Milano S.p.A. who go to their branches to carry out any maintenance work.



Our company operates and invests In Motor business, to support and respond to the needs of short and medium-term mobility, offering a fleet composed exclusively of cars Smart and Mercedes-Benz brand, and to the need for courtesy car in special cases where a user may need it.

In addition Edilfar Rent srl is the market leader in the short and medium term rental for what concerns electric mobility and invests in this branch to meet the sustainable mobility needs that are in evidence especially in the cities of Rome and Milan.

These needs can be adequately addressed, through individual or collective use of cars with zero environmental impact, as exclusively powered by electricity, which allow you to move freely in the historic centers of cities, zero mileage costs, without CO2 emissions and zero impact.

The results are quite encouraging: in less than 24 months there have been more than 3 thousand electric cars rental, amounting to 20 thousand days for a total of over 600 thousand km and 56 tons less CO2 released into the air.


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