From Edilfar Rent, some ‘VIP’ cars featured in movies.

The famous Rome Film Festival is returning, which since 2006 has solidified its notoriety by becoming a prestigious international showcase that focuses its attention on the Eternal City, which has been the backdrop for many iconic films for years.

In 2022, the festival brought to the capital actors and directors of the caliber of Jennifer Lawrence, Ewan McGregor, and James Ivory, intersected with some of the most sought-after Italian box office stars such as Pierfrancesco Favino, Alessandro Preziosi, and Edoardo Leo.

This year, among new films and career tributes, there will be 18 films presented, including the cinematic debut of Paola Cortellesi, spanning a wide range of movies from around the world. The festival will take place from October 18th to 29th in an ‘itinerant’ manner, starting from its nerve center, the Auditorium Parco della Musica, and moving through various parts of the city, including MAXXI, Cinema Palladium, and the Atlantic.

An event that helps rediscover some of the most beautiful but also lesser-known areas of Rome, making the festival experiential and unforgettable.

To navigate one of Europe’s largest urban areas, and to do so with style, you will definitely need a suitable car. Did you know that we have some cars in our fleet that have appeared in various movies?

A mysterious force sends the Moon on a collision course with Earth, threatening life as we know it. NASA executive Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) is convinced she can solve the problem, but only Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), a former astronaut, and KC Houseman, a conspiracy theorist (John Bradley from “Game of Thrones”), follow her. The Lexus NX with its bold style and intuitive technology make it the perfect partner for this heart-pounding adventure!

It’s everywhere. In the MoMa in New York, in the Guinness World Record, and indeed, could it be missing from the cinema? The little ally of urban traffic supports the two protagonists, Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), as they move around Rome, intent on uncovering some of the most controversial esoteric mysteries of the last millennia, including the Templars, hidden messages in the Mona Lisa, and characters intricately connected to the most important figures in the Bible. All this while needing to navigate the city quickly, because in all of this, they won’t be alone… And so, what better car than a Smart?

John McClane (Bruce Willis), the incorruptible American cop who plays by his own rules, arrives in Moscow to save his son Jack (Jai Courtney) from trouble. With Russian criminals on their tail and the risk of an imminent war, the two McClanes realize they make a winning team, despite adopting opposing methods. Here, there are a total of 14 Mercedes-Benz models, alternating between chases in Moscow and various Russian locations. Only a “Star” brand could be paired with a high-risk mission!

What are you waiting for? Come join the red carpet of stars too! We’re waiting for you at our Roman locations, some of which are very close to the Auditorium!