In 2023, the practicality of a car is often combined with its aesthetic beauty as well, and Edilfar Rent honors this “marriage” by offering the CLA Shooting Brake. In addition to the curious design, certainly catching the eye is the name itself.

What is its meaning?

The origin of the term refers to the Anglo-Saxon practice of attaching a cart or carriage to the fiercest horses so as to break or restrain their spirits, making them more tame through the weight of these brake-type heavy and huge carriages. The definition shooting, on the other hand, could be placed to the need of a niche of people such as hunters, who as early as the late 1800s demanded compact carriages capable of getting on the narrowest roads that also had to be quite capacious to carry weapons, traps and ammunition, provisions, and whatnot, for real hunting campaigns.

It was later adopted in fact for the modification of luxury cars even in modern times by hunters, golfers, or polo players, who demanded from their cars a better rear access threshold than what was offered by traditional cars.

We can therefore say that the term stands for a type of automobile bodywork that provides a very sporty, 2-door or 4-door line (coupe to sedan) combined with family car features, such as a wide tail volume and an upright tailgate, an untamed spirit “toned down” by some more practical and comfortable components.

This could be the way to describe the new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake: woe to call it a station wagon, it would not make its being “out of the chorus” in terms of design!

It is, yes, inspired to the station wagons of a few decades ago; however, especially the cabin is derivative of the A-class; in short, sleek lines, aggressive front end, and small frameless windows. The rear is low and rounded, which emphasizes a sporty character.

At the expense of its sporty soul, the “carriage” attached to this horse make it a car of low consumption and considering that it is a 2.0 with 190 hp, they are low, about 15.2 Km/liter in the city route, while out of town it turns out to be a pleasant car to drive on the highway that can settle on a consumption of 21.2 Km/liter. The stiff suspension makes the driving experience comfortable and “muffled.”

The car declines with different engines depending on the model, two are 4MATIC diesels namely the 180D and 200D, while the 250E 4MATIC plug in hybrid.

Come and try the new driving experience offered by Mercedes and request the type of car that suits you best. Visit us at our offices to learn more.