Electric Drive


Electric cars drive like other automatic vehicles. It is an easy and light driving experience.
Some directions before getting behind the wheel of an electric vehicle:

Different equipment

Driving an electric car will inevitably change the information you need to keep track of while driving: inside the instrument panel there will not be the classic tachometer, but rather the voltmeter or the instantaneous energy consumption indicator. Also, for those driving an electric car it will be essential to monitor the range of their car: all cars have a clearly visible remaining range indicator. Finally, driving style graphs are very useful: through this data it is possible to understand when you are carefully driving and when you are consuming more than you should.

Don't abuse heating and air conditioning

When driving an electric car, it is paramount to always mind the level of autonomy, which is why it is relevant to know that the use of heating and air conditioning are among the main contributors to lower autonomy. In fact, both systems are powered by absorbing the energy needed for their operation from the same car’s battery. However, it is crucial to moderately use heating and air conditioning so as to reduce energy consumption and keep the car’s range high.

Brake lightly and gradually

Electric cars do not require excessive use of the brake. In fact, thanks to the kinetic energy recovery system, the car slows down sharply simply by releasing the accelerator. Thus, the brake pedal can be used only for the final stop, while to slow down, simply lift your foot off the accelerator. In addition to providing a smoother and lighter ride, the kinetic energy recovery system promotes less brake consumption and a safer braking system.

Silent Driving

The electric motor does not produce any mechanical noise. Driving becomes a silent experience, and the interior environment becomes relaxing and almost muffled. When you turn the key to start the engine, ” ready ” appears on the display. To start the vehicle, following this message, press the accelerator pedal.

Progressive acceleration

Acceleration is the driving activity where the most electrical energy is consumed. Therefore, it is key to learn to accelerate gradually, traveling at a constant speed and trying to give gas as little as possible. In fact, by accelerating abruptly and unprogressively you risk wasting a great deal of energy for no reason.

Free access to LTZs, historical centers and blue stripes

Thanks to the reduced environmental impact of electric cars, driving these vehicles means being able to circulate freely within urban areas and historical centers with limited traffic areas that are generally not accessible to traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles. Additionally, according to municipal government’s dispositions, driving an electric car, allows free parking within the paid blue lines.

No gearshift or clutch

Operating an electric car is simple: just like a car with an automatic transmission.