The landscape of car types facing a customer who needs to rent a car as of 2023 turns out to be quite broad and for every need, both environmental and fuel consumption.
Electric cars are perfect for the city, given the many benefits from renting them, such as parking without paying for blue lines or entering inner-city LTZs.

What about plug-ins and hybrids? Are they the same thing but have more sci-fi names? Does it change anything in terms of engine and performance? Do they have the same facilities as electrics?

What are the different types of hybrid cars?

Let’s go through the different types of machines in order, trying to understand what differentiates one from the other:

If the endothermic car is somewhat the trusted bar we have always gone to with friends, let’s start with Mild Hybrids(MHEVs), the first point of contact between combustion and electric additions. It is a normal combustion car (in fact, it recharges on fuel, not by recharging it), which, however, has a small battery (usually 12 or 48V) when it is turned on that replaces the starter motor during acceleration, adding to it a Start/Stop technology that stores energy for later. They can’t go electric only, but this “combo” saves roughly 12% fuel consumption in emissions

To get a more hard-hitting electric contamination, we switch to Plug in Hybrids, or PHEVs. They combine the combustion engine and electric motor, and this requires a somewhat larger battery than the previous case. These, in addition to recharging under braking, can be charged directly by plug-in, lowering Co2 consumption in spite of the previously mentioned cars.
With plug-in, it is possible to go electric for 50-60 km, and the dual engine allows for good horsepower propulsion side by side with low fuel consumption, but they allow various driving modes, from electric-only, to hybrid, to thermal-only with battery charging, and usually, a Hybrid 4×4 that uses both engines

What are the electric cars?

And we come to the Full Electric BEVs, which are those without combustion. Zero emissions and they charge by connecting to an electrical source. Their range is determined before the driving style, of course, by the size of the battery allocated in the body, which depending on the size will give us more or less range.

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