Today’s cars are inextricably linked with the history that precedes them. In fact, many of the names that indicate the type of vehicle bodywork hark back to the old jargon used for carriages, which for all intents and purposes, were the forerunners of the cars we drive today.

In fact, the term coupe was used to denote horse-drawn carriages characterized by only two doors, an interior couch, and front folding seats.

According to the 1977 ISO 3833 standards, a coupe is an automobile equipped with two doors, two seats and two windows. It tried to define cars that came close to the coupe concept, with a shorter interior than the classic sedans. However, this designation has brought some headaches since starting in the early 2000s, automakers began to offer coupe-shaped vehicles even to cars equipped with four doors and four seats.

The iconic design of coupe cars tickles the fancy of those approaching the Mercedes GLC Coupe 300 de 4Matic for the first time, the Star Company’s diesel-powered plug-in mid-size SUV.

The soft lines that intertwine with the headlights give the car an aggressive and determined “look,” in what is now part of a broken-in line in Mercedes, a proud and determined “look,” and lines that detach making everything soft and welcoming; the running boards at the base of the doors give that sense of offroad mixed with practicality, in a car that sums up well the cut-out look of the coupe with an appearance that actually matches any use.

It is 4,731 mm long x 1,890 mm wide x 1,622 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,873 mm. The interior is always a focal point of Mercedes, which for this car reintroduces the classic elegant and refined approach, to which, however, the front layout is changed, where there is no dual tablet but a 10.25” central monitor and 12.3” digital instrumentation monitor.

The trunk holds 470 liters, with a wide and flat cargo area. The plug-in hybrid SUV is powered by a heat engine, which is a 2.0 turbodiesel 4-cylinder with 194 hp (143 kW) and an electric one that has 122 hp (90kW) for a system output of more than 300 hp 3 400 Nm of torque.

In the city it proves to be maneuverable and with light steering, but the car is at its best on suburban roads, being very quiet and with premium shock absorbers and suspension, the classic jaunt out of town will be combined with the comfort of a trip without feeling bumps and road trouble spots.

At full charge it reaches 100 in 6.2 seconds and 230 km per hour. The 4MATIC all-wheel drive allows it to cope with the most adverse weather conditions without excessive worries. Overall, it is a dynamic and sporty SUV that does not leave comfort and driving experience in the background.

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