The Mercedes GLC 220 is an ambitious but not demanding car in terms of size and fuel consumption.

It is a car that in its diesel version “drinks” reasonably, without losing in sprinting, and perfectly replicates Mercedes’ premium refinement of the interior, lending high-end comfort to the ride. It therefore stands as a fair compromise between urban and suburban routes.

For the company’s vision, the SUV occupies the segment covered by the much squarer and more massive GLK.

The G stands for “Gelandewagen” (off-road), the L recalls the word Luxury, and the C was chosen because GLC echoes the positioning of the historic C-class.

The design of the car has given a great assist to the fuel economy department, partly due to the use of aluminum for the body and mechanicals, which has reduced the weight of the structure by 80 kilograms, and this gives the car remarkable performance in terms of fuel economy and performance, aided by the nine-speed automatic transmission, which works without jerking and keeps the engine revs low, creating a low-noise environment while driving. This is matched by 17-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, remote assistance and seven airbags, combined with precise and light variable-ratio steering that has become more direct in tight turns.

The car received 5 stars in Euro NCAP tests in terms of safety, but that’s not to say the eye isn’t satisfied as well: one of the prerogatives of Mercedes’ course in recent years is an appealing and premium driving experience, stylish and wraparound interiors, with a compartment that at its maximum accommodates 1560 liters, which without lowering the seats is 530-560 liters.

The GLK’s heir is an aggressive top-of-the-line that likes to be looked at, claiming 18 km/liter in the city and 21 outside (also varying to 15 km/liter, depending on which mode you drive in), and is a car that is not afraid to brave rougher trails or city traffic.

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